High School Exploration: Passport to your future

Our OFMHS program offers all the core academics of a conventional high school program through integrated, individualized work in a developmentally appropriate environment with a team of talented teacher mentors. Graduates earn credits that exceed the Indiana State Core 40 requirements through integrated, rigorous and relevant coursework.
Pathways leading to Oak Farm Montessori High School have been here from the beginning, but are just now physically visible.
People, past and present, have worked to create the foundation for this program to ‘inspire students to reach their potential’.
Passionate, purposeful and pioneering; Oak Farm Montessori High School...

Follow the path to a different approach to high school and join us for our interactive evening to explore and experience what amazing opportunities are available for your young adult. See first hand how we help students LIVE, WORK and STUDY with a purpose!

Please RSVP at this link and mark your calendars for Thursday, October 20th at 5:00pm. Bring your friends, bring your questions and bring your future graduate!
High School Exploration Event