Let the children lead by example

Our founder, Lorene Dekko Salsbery, believed that providing choice in education to families in NE Indiana was important. So important in fact, that she used her own funds to purchase the land and seed the formation of the school. Twenty-four years later, her family's foundation continues to give a grant annually that supports operating expenses and provides tuition assistance to students. This dedication to philanthropy is not lost on our students and community.
Yesterday, four lower elementary students visited the front office to drop off their donation collected to benefit the school. This was child directed, child initiated, and a celebration of the children's work. "We want to make sure the school stays around for a really long time," shared second year Parker Walkup. After reading the book, "Una Caja" by Ana Galan, this Spanish Dual Language classroom felt compelled to combine their Spanish language lessons about recycling with the book's theme of imagination and all the things a box can become...including a 'doggy bank'!
A love of dogs was the obvious choice for the themed project, and a love of Oak Farm Montessori School, was the obvious choice for the recipient of their funds. Another second year, James Malon, said, "Other kids have to come here and have fun, I like it here."
How much did they raise? Well, that isn't really the point is it? At OFMS we say, it's not what you give, but that you give...and that message has been heard by our compassionate and philanthropic students, loud and clear. Thank you LE1