Early Childhood » Infants


Young Children 6 Weeks to 18 Months Old
Nido "the nest"

Infants are born with tremendous potential; they are eager to learn, explore, and try new things. Dr. Montessori’s research and experience as well as current information teaches us that brain and physical development progress faster at this time than at any other time in life. In the carefully prepared infant Montessori environment, the babies are provided with rich sensory materials and a calm but stimulating setting. They learn to use their large muscles for crawling, walking, and running. They use their small muscles for grasping and touching, and later, for eating, writing, and painting beautiful pictures.


At Oak Farm Montessori School, infants have plenty of room for play and exciting materials to stimulate their need to learn. Infants are cared for by Montessori-trained infant teachers and assistants. These caring adults help infants develop strong, loving, trusting relationships and attachments that will help to prepare them socially and emotionally for adulthood.