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International Students

Oak Farm Montessori School (OFMS) welcomes students from around the world to join us in learning and have an impact on our community with their cultures. Citizenship is one of our Portrait of a Graduate traits and Secondary students experience these opportunities through travel and connections with other students.  Our high school invites international students to learn about NE Indiana and share their homeland’s cultural heritage. For all those involved: “It is all about personal growth, cultural exploration, active global citizenship and belonging.” according to the AFS website.


  • AFS Global Families:  Becoming a Global Family means having the opportunity to share your home with an international student, make life-long connections and embrace a new culture in your family. All family members share, learn, and expand their global skills. Everything from preparing a meal to sightseeing are opportunities to discover and experience the #AFSeffect. Host a student in your home, become a Global Family!
Nicole Lowe, OFMHS AFS Host Family, shares:  “Hosting a foreign exchange student has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my family's life. Our children have gained another sibling that they get to share our American ways with. She has offered us a different perspective of the world. We picked a Spanish speaking student to help enhance our children's conversational Spanish.”


  • OFMS is a Department of Homeland Security certified school to issue student visas for international students in K-12 academics.  Want to learn more about the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and the role it plays in the international student process? Watch the SEVP 101 tutorial—a video overview about the program. You can also contact the SEVP Response Center with questions, visit for official regulations and check out the Study in the States blog for information.

Contact Bridget York, Director of Curriculum and Student Services, for more information.