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“The way we allow ourselves to be seen encourages us to feel confident in knowing that: ‘being me is enough’.”

-  2020 High School Graduation speech by Oak Farm Montessori High School Student.

Our groundbreaking high school integrates exploration, discovery, creativity, innovation and technology in all courses of study. Our high school program provides opportunities to use each individual’s  talents to impact and engage with society in powerful ways.  Oak Farm Montessori High School curriculum is an integration of the rigorous academic studies and meaningful work based on current research in adolescent brain development, best practices in education and the Montessori philosophy.  

“Oak Farm Montessori High School has facilitated the best in my daughter for creating her own study habits, organizational skills and looking toward her future through varied lenses of reason.”

- - Oak Farm Montessori School HS Parent

“I feel that I have grown as a person to be more socially aware and independent. I am positively changing our world - Oak Farm Montessori High School Student

“This is the same work I am doing in the workplace.  It is fantastic that they are getting this adult experience.”

- Oak Farm Montessori School HS Parent

“My peers know how to ask the right questions in the right manner which will allow us to reflect on ourselves.  They have taught me that kindness and honesty can always go hand in hand, and the world is a better place when they do.” - 2020 High School Graduation speech by Oak Farm Montessori High School Student.

I have seen a tremendous growth in her ability to set a schedule for her semester and complete the tasks in a timely manner. It's exciting to see her accomplish large scale work on her own from doing initial research to brainstorming ways to show her understanding and finally producing the actual project...”

- Oak Farm Montessori School HS Parent


  • Student centered environment
  • Individualized instruction
  • 1:6 teacher to student ratio
  • Dynamic learning community
  • Student voices and input taken seriously
  • Real world and hands-on experiences
  • Entrepreneurship Program
  • Internships
  • Bike Shop
  • Environmental and Social Impact Projects
  • Senior Capstone Project
  • InnoLab makerspace 
  • Integrated curriculum 
  • Graduation requirements that exceed Core 40 
  • Advanced Placement Classes
  • Focus on mastering knowledge
  • Attention to physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth
  • Community Partnerships
  • Multi age groupings 
  • College and Career counseling 
  • Travel experiences

We believe in the power of young people.  Every Oak Farm Montessori High School experience is unique because it is individualized by each student in collaboration with the teachers.  We provide exceptional opportunities for meaningful student work that prepares them for adulthood as well as citizenship.  


Parents- This is the opportunity to set your teenager on a path to be successful in today’s world and be prepared to meet tomorrow’s challenges. 


Students- This is your place to be at the center of your learning and be truly seen and heard now while learning the skills to prepare you for your future.  We would love to have a conversation with you to learn who you are and where you want to go.