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Athletics Introduction

The Oak Farm Montessori School athletics program was created for each child to have the opportunity to experience individual accomplishment, teamwork, and the value of sportsmanship. Athletics provides guidance and training for personal wellness, as well as a venue for athletic competition.  These opportunities go hand in hand with academic pursuits to create well-rounded, productive individuals who are healthy in body and mind.


We offer a variety of athletic programs to our students who benefit both on and off the playing field. Students who participate in sports have the opportunity to improve motor skills, strengthen muscles and develop regular fitness habits that stay with them for life. They also learn the value of teamwork and the rewards of persistent practice.


Athletics is an important part of any school’s curriculum; students often learn some of life’s most valuable lessons and skills while competing on the field of play. Oak Farm Montessori students in grades 5 through 12 are eligible to participate in our athletic programs. 

Athletic offerings include: soccer, cross country, tennis, basketball, cheerleading, bowling, swimming, track and golf. To register for one of our athletic teams, please follow the links below.

For any questions regarding our athletic programs, please contact Donna Wolfe, our Athletic Director, at [email protected].