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This course offers incoming students a quarterly rotation through four of the high school's hands-on student-run businesses. Students develop entry level skills in each of these areas through expert faculty instruction, experiential learning and mentorship from older students. This sampling of the special programs offered at Oak Farm Montessori High School allows students to choose courses, as they progress through the program, which best meet their individual interests. Starting their sophomore year, students will choose a pathway to gain mastery in that area.

Farm logo   Farm, Animal Sciences & Land Management: 
   For students who are interested in agriculture, plant and animal sciences or FFA,
they can participate in this program on the farm.
bike shop icon   Bike Shop: Introduction to mechanic skills in an industry standard
    environment.  [email protected] 
    Tuesday - Friday:  8:30-9:30am or by appointment
coffee shop icon   Coffee Shop: Hospitality, Event Planning & Customer Relations in a fast
   paced industry.  [email protected]
InnoLab Icon   InnoLab: Introduction to design and operational skills with 3D printer, large
   format printer, design computers, and other high tech equipment. Using
   Graphic Design expertise to create and sell products.