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Tuition & Fee Schedule

Many people are surprised to learn that the cost of an Oak Farm Montessori School (OFMS) education is affordable. Not only do 34% of our applicants receive financial assistance, but the $2 million plus grant given annually by the Dekko Foundation reduces the overall cost of every student's education. For over 20 years, OFMS has been fortunate to receive significant financial support from the Dekko Foundation. In a 2018 blog, they shared that this proactive type of grantmaking fulfills the mission of their founder, Chet Dekko, in creating economic freedom for the community they serve. “Oak Farm teaches young people to think critically and solve problems from a very young age. When you have an individual who can think and solve problems, you have a great basis for our foundation’s mission—economic freedom.”


This financial commitment from the Dekko Foundation allows our school to be free to follow the Montessori philosophy without relying on outside sources or influence. However, just like the students we serve, we are driven to become more independent each year. Over the course of the last 15 years we have reduced our financial dependency on grants and are now 60% independent!


To read more about the Dekko Foundation and their relationship with Oak Farm Montessori School, please follow this link.