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Alumni Spotlight

When asked, “Why Oak Farm Montessori School (OFMS) over other schools?” Jeffrey cited the knowledge and experience he gained during his middle school years as a top reason that OFMS provides learning that you cannot attain at your typical middle school. “The opportunity to manage a microeconomy that involves the care of farm animals and to incorporate that into the creation of products to sell, provides students an opportunity to learn about business operations.  Moving honey bee colonies, transporting donkeys, and collecting chicken eggs are just a few of the many great experiences I had at the farm. Having unique experiences like this as a kid was crucial in turning me into the person I am today, and I am very thankful for the opportunity I was given,” he concludes. 

“Being able to learn about farm operations and having the experience of taking care of animals is something that has stuck with me since middle school. The curriculum works to help the students with time management and making them responsible for their own learning, while the farm helps to make students responsible for the lives of animals, which provides a very rewarding experience. Through this experience, I developed responsibility, not just to myself but also to others.”