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Alumni Spotlight: Birk Hill

All in a days work... While some dream of beaches or ski lifts when they think of spring break, Oak Farm Montessori School alumni Birk Hill headed back to the farm!
"I'm here to make the teachers life easier," he shared while helping to grade papers and supervising students at the middle school. While he has already completed 60 hours of volunteer work through Canterbury High School, his love of being in a classroom prompted him to reach out to his former OFMS teachers to see if he could complete his internship work here. Birk said that the six years he spent here still hold fond memories for him and that his college essays reflected his comparison of Montessori and traditional education. "There are pros and cons to each. Coming back this week has allowed me to see the faculty side of both and not just reflect from the student side." Birk shared that it was odd to see students moving within their schedule without the need for bells. He noted that it was more laid back, but no less productive.
While he comes from a long line of educators and has been accepted to Loyola University, he is leaving his options open as to a career path. His words of wisdom to high school students include: try new things, sign up for clubs, get a job and pursue your interests.
"Driving in, it was so surprising to so many changes around campus...but once I stepped onto the farm and saw all of the animals; I realized, some things stay the same." We couldn't agree more.