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Habitat Improvement

Chickshaw 2.0 and Compost Run:  Selling farm fresh eggs is just one aspect of the Oak Farm Montessori Middle School, student operated, business we call Micro-economy. These adolescents are striving to learn to  be economically independent through their Erdkinder work. Increasing egg production (and ultimately their income), as well as creating a more sustainable farm by using chicken waste to make fertile soil for the greenhouse (another component of the micro economy) are two opportunities they identified to improve profit.

Where do you come in? Once we have secured the funding to purchase all items needed, the students will work to determine the quantity of supplies, order them, and then build the two structures.   The total cost of the project is $1,642 with items needing to be purchased ranging from $10 to $250. 

South Campus Outdoor Classroom Structure:  KinderForest is a program that offers Primary aged students a full morning work cycle immersed in nature.  Whether they are observing nature, identifying and eating edible plants, preparing a campfire, or getting up close and personal with the insects and wildlife that abound...the outdoor classroom comes alive!  The multi-functional permanent structure created in this project would allow for more immersive nature opportunities for Primary-UE students. 

The total cost of the structure is $2,690. The items available to purchase vary in price from $10 to $1,200; as well as the opportunity to make a monetary donation to the project. 

If would like to support enhancing the outdoor learning environments on our campus, use the buttons below to access our ‘wish list’ of items needed to complete the projects. Have questions or need additional information? Please contact our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Kim Davidson.