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What if school could be…

A place where education is viewed not as a list of skills to be dutifully practiced, but as preparation for life; where learning is an exciting process of exploration and discovery; a community where critical thought, innovation, movement and passion are valued as much as concentration, motivation, and resilience; where your child is guided to follow interests and also to be a guide to others. 

We welcome you to our proven academic program that understands the importance of each student’s development as well as individual needs as an integral part of our curriculum design. Rooted in the Montessori philosophy, Oak Farm Montessori School inspires students from infant through high school to develop their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. Our faculty, in their role as a guide to your child's education, empower them to take ownership of their learning. The Montessori Method advances the central idea that learning is a process of exploration and discovery.  Each unique child is valued and respected for their individuality.   Our faculty is conscious of this and tailors curriculum around specific student interests to spark imagination and enthusiasm for subjects.  Learning at Oak Farm Montessori School is a dynamic, personalized experience centered on personal interests and choice all while following an academic scope and sequence that exceeds state standards. 

Whether outdoors exploring the woods, pastures, prairie and barn or inside our carefully prepared environments, students are provided guidance through lessons, materials and collaboration to create meaningful experiences that deepen their learning.  Our academic approach emphasizes the inter-connectedness of academic disciplines.  As students progress through each developmental stage, they are encouraged to be resourceful, inquisitive and resilient as they interact with concepts. 

Our Montessori environment is prepared in such a way that allows us to be independent when creating and completing work. It allows us to have responsibility for achieving the goals we have made for ourselves. The freedom that the Montessori environment enables us to be engaged in our individual work and interests.” -OFMS Secondary Student 

Our teachers carefully observe each unique student and enthusiastically provide the “right lesson” at the “right time”.  Our goal is to provide diverse academic opportunities for students to gain self-confidence, self-knowledge, and practical life skills while surrounded by a caring community.

Please explore this section fully. We believe that you will find our curriculum provides both compelling and challenging academic programs in a uniquely designed learning environment. Please reach out to our Director of Curriculum & Student Services, Bridget York, with any questions you might have about our vibrant learning environments.