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Capital Campaign: Athletic Fields



Like everything we do at Oak Farm Montessori School, sports were added to our curriculum because they met a basic developmental need of our students. The teen years are a time when students are naturally spending more time in the world at large. Teens need socialization, physical activity, and a community outside of their home as they prepare for a healthy transition to the adult world. Athletics provide a safe environment for learning fundamentals while developing a strong sense of community and camaraderie.

As we Take it to the Field, we will ensure that the Montessori values, and those of our founder and Board of Directors, are implemented through athletic competition. Through a community-based campaign, we will take everything we know about educating young people and apply it fully to athletics. We will build athletic fields that benefit both our students and the surrounding community.   


"My homeschooler was able to experience organized school sports
through OFMS. She loved being part of a team and being able to experience
the team feel without having to travel. We all appreciated the

experience." Dailey, mom of OFMS student athlete



We ask for your charitable investment to accomplish this important goal. Please use one of the options below to donate or email our Strategic Partnership Director, Kim Davidson, for more information.

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With student-athletes leading the way, we officially broke ground on the Oak Farm Sports Complex last Wednesday.  The crowd of families, coaches, community members and students cheered as eight student-athletes, representing each sport that will call the complex home, officially turned the dirt to break ground. Josephine Pladys, Charlie Brubaker, Cohen McCreery, Nick Mains, Andrew McKinley, Derek Hale and Lily Moser donned orange construction hats for the special event.  Along with OFMS coaches, Board President, Erica Dekko, Head of School, Candice Holbrook and Athletic Director, Donna Wolf, the leaders of several local community organizations joined us as well:  Adam Dunlap, Avilla Town Manager, Tom Leedy and Greg Matney of the Dekko Foundation; Melanie Kellogg with Be Noble, Inc., and Lance Waters, Mayor of Kendallville.  
  • Gifts via check (made out to Oak Farm Montessori School), credit card, and debit card
  • Gifts of cash
  • For gifts of appreciated stock and multi-year pledges, please contact Kim Davidson for more information.
We’re raising funds to complete a community athletic facility. There will be ten tennis courts, four pickleball courts, a high school regulation size soccer field and track, a cross country course and a middle school soccer field.
Their enthusiasm says it all! Since 2006 when we slowly began to build our athletics, our students have been all in. Students grades 5 through 12 currently have 19 different team opportunities with some playing multiple sports. Our  sports teams operate with an open policy, meaning we welcome homeschool students and students from other private and public schools who otherwise might not have the opportunity to play on sports teams.
This project has been in the thinking stage for several years. Our Head of School, under the direction of our Board of Directors, has collaborated closely with our long-time school architect and engineering specialists. We have planned athletic facilities that will accommodate our students and our community and continue to meet their needs for the foreseeable future. We’ll use quality materials with long-term use in mind. We are mindful of the impact our facilities will have on the environment.
With the mild winter, we were able to break ground in February to begin building the basic infrastructure for the facility. If we continue to have good weather, it is our expectation that the tennis courts will be ready for our team in the fall of 2024 and the soccer field will be seeded in preparation for play in the fall of 2025. Our first focus, after infrastructure, will be the tennis courts and soccer fields. Once those are in place, we will continue to expand the other parts of the facility.
First off, having our campus be an asset to our community was part of our founder’s original vision for the school. With this in mind, inviting the community to use our facilities is a priority of our Board of Directors. We’re building the facilities with the community in mind. Then, we’re building a thought process that will allow that community participation to happen. Much like we do right now with our Wellness Center, the proposed athletic facilities will be available to rent when not in use by our students or athletic teams. Community organizations currently rent our facilities for practices and games. We envision that the outdoor athletic facilities, much like our current campus, would be available for families to enjoy in the evenings and on the weekend, if not in use by another organization. The cross country trails will provide walking paths through the prairie and woods.
Actual Numbers on Public and Private Use:
Currently our gym is rented out by an indoor soccer league and local parochial school for practice. During 2023-2024, we have rented the space for over 50 hours. We also have a partnership with the YMCA and offer classes to the local community each week. The Field of Your Dreams? We envision the community being able to use the complex beyond an evening walk, bike ride or family game of soccer. It is our hope that the local community will be able to add to their current offerings by using our fields for possible new community offerings such as flag football, youth soccer and other youth or adult sport programming needs they may have.
Follow along as updates are recorded!