High School » Capstone


At the high school level, the capstone project is a culmination of student work. The project allows a student to explore a topic in which they are interested. In doing so, the student accomplishes quality academic study and research. The project ends with a presentation of learning to faculty, invited guests, and mentors. This generally occurs during the spring, prior to graduation.

The capstone project promotes individualized learning, complimented with in-depth research and presentation of knowledge. A student is able to develop their own long-term research goals to gain insight into a topic that is meaningful to them. The project may be related to a future endeavor, career, or passion. The culmination of work allows students to acquire critical skills and knowledge for their future.

Past capstone projects have included:

  • Organizing meals to provide to foster families.
  • Designing a graphic novel.
  • Creation of an on-campus mural.
  • Study of depression in nursing homes.
  • Plan for development of a youth advisory council.
  • Historical study of a family recipe book.