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Elementary Program

Students 6 to 12 Years Old

The Montessori elementary classroom is a uniquely personal environment with lessons tailored to meet students’ needs according to each one’s level of development. Students actively reinforce the knowledge and skills they acquired in the primary classroom and are now prepared for independent, self-directed study. They work in conjunction with the teacher to develop a personal lesson plan, which includes language arts, math, geography, geometry, cultural studies, history, botany, zoology, anatomy, and chemistry for both lower and upper elementary.


The elementary experience is a period of culture, where children are eager to learn about their own cultural heritage and that of people around the globe. It is also a time of imagination, which makes it possible to introduce subjects ranging from the study of microscopic creatures to the analysis of distances between galaxies. In all of their studies, students move from the research of concrete objects to more abstract general knowledge.


A significant goal of the elementary program, as Dr. Montessori saw it, was to help children understand the world around them and their responsibility toward it. She saw education as the means for transforming our world into a place of peace.