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The Montessori Lower Elementary classroom is a uniquely personal and dynamic educational environment that begins the second plane of development.  Through independent, self-directed study, elementary students actively reinforce the knowledge and skills acquired in the Primary environment.  They are viewed as individuals and work in partnership with a teacher to develop a personal lesson plan.  Once their plan is complete, they will be given lessons to meet their interests as well as being exposed to the full scope of the Montessori curriculum.


The elementary experience is a period of culture, where children are eager to learn about their own cultural heritage and that of people around the globe.  It is also a time of imagination, which makes it possible to introduce subjects ranging from the study of microscopic creatures to the analysis of distances between galaxies.  Students move from experience with concrete objects to more abstract knowledge through research.  Dr. Montessori identified helping children understand the world around them and their responsibility toward it as a significant goal of the elementary program.  She saw education as the means for transforming our world into a place of peace.  This goal can only be met through strengthening the students’ ability to classify, understand, appreciate and empathize with the world, the people and its history.