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Oak Farm Montessori School is rooted in a commitment to making educational choice available to all families in Northeast Indiana who desire a Montessori education for their child(ren). Each year, approximately 35% of our students receive need-based tuition subsidies totaling over $400,000.  A $10,000 gift could provide assistance for two additional students.

What is the School Scholarship Tax Credit Program?

The School Scholarship Tax Credit Program was established to incentivize donations to help fund educational scholarships for families who wish to attend non-public schools. This tax savings opportunity is available to donors making a financial contribution to a qualified scholarship-granting organization (SGO). Oak Farm Montessori’s SGO partner is the Sagamore Institute.


Why donate through the SGO?


    • 50% Tax Credit to individuals or corporations who donate through the SGO program and have Indiana state tax liability. 
    • Be sure to include 50% of your SGO donation as a charitable contribution if you itemize on your federal return.
  • As of July 1, 2021 there is $17.5 million available in tax credits for the SGO Program for the 2021-2022 school year. 


Important Information: 


  • Please consult a tax professional about your specific tax situation.
  • To benefit from a tax credit, the donor must have tax liability in the state of Indiana.
  • Only students who are residents of Indiana are eligible to receive the SGO educational scholarship.