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At Oak Farm Montessori School we believe that giving a child choice, learning in context, following their interests and learning from and with peers is the best way to foster meaningful work.  Learning a second language is no exception.

Beginning with the youngest infants, all the way through our High School program, Spanish is offered and introduced as a supplement to the Montessori curriculum and environment.  Whether it is hearing songs, stories, colors, shapes or nomenclature, the child is encouraged to participate in the experience. As early as the Primary level (3-6 years old) they begin to learn irregular verbs, create their own books, discuss cultural topics and participate in a weekly group lesson.  Our Lower Elementary students have Spanish twice a week for 30 minutes.  This allows them to build upon their learning; adding sentence structure, cultural celebrations and conjugation of some regular verbs.  Fourth and fifth grade students (Upper Elementary) have an individualized pace based on their knowledge, understanding and interest. Sixth grade students have weekly 60 minute Spanish classes where students begin more formal lessons and complete assignments related to their studies. Middle School students study Spanish four days a week; becoming more immersed in the language, daily practice in pronunciation and common phrases and verbs.  Students create various projects that solidify their understanding of the language and various Spanish speaking cultures.  To graduate from Oak Farm Montessori High School, students are required to have at least 4 credits of Spanish.  We offer Spanish 1-5 as well as an AP course.  Once the four credits are complete, the student may then choose an additional language if they so desire.

This year we began our first Dual-language Spanish Immersion class for incoming first grade students.  We hope to build this program, adding an additional class each year.