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Theatre class at Oak Farm Montessori School encourages students in Upper Elementary, Middle, and High School to explore their voice and train their bodies. Students work to expand beyond their comfort zone and develop important lifelong skills like public speaking, improvisation, commitment, and teamwork. They learn the basic rules of improvisation in elementary and begin writing their own plays in middle school. High school extends this curriculum to performing full plays, designing sets and lighting, and analyzing theatrical texts. 


Oak Farm Montessori also has an extracurricular program called Oak Farm Montessori Theatre Company. OFMTC has existed in its current iteration since the 2022-2023 school year by offering its first full season of a secondary (6th-12th grades) play, elementary (1st-6th grades) play, and secondary musical. OFMTC productions are open to any student, not just those from Oak Farm Montessori School. Students from other local schools and homeschool students have enjoyed being in OFMTC productions. As the program continues to grow, so does the interest and quality of shows. We hope you will join OFMTC at their next performance!