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Movement was a key component of Dr. Maria Montessori’s theory of development of the whole child.  Unlike traditional classrooms, students at Oak Farm Montessori School are encouraged and expected to have physical movement throughout their day.  At the Primary level (ages 3-6) the Physical Education (P.E.)program provides children an environment that gives purposeful direction to this natural need for independent movement. Each day, children have an option to choose P.E. for up to 20 minutes of their morning work cycle. 

The bright and spacious P.E. room offers individual stations that are based on sequential curriculum order; simple to complex. Students are presented with lessons and then encouraged to practice the exercises that best meet their needs. Children also utilize the Brain Gym® program which implements Kinesiology, the understanding of natural movement patterns and how they relate to learning and performing.

Benefits of the program include:




*Hand-eye coordination

*Foot-eye coordination

*Body coordination

*Spatial awareness