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At Oak Farm Montessori School, we truly believe that each human is an artist in their own way. Art is all around us! We strive to foster a love, appreciation and understanding of creativity, art and design that we experience everyday. We integrate Montessori principles and art education to create an enriching program that helps build and reach each student's potential through meaningful work. Through art we help connect many subject areas like math, science and humanities. Art helps children foster social and emotional skills that will help them throughout their life. Children are encouraged to express themselves in unique ways through different art processes and materials as lessons are presented. 

Our art program fosters children’s creative skills through meaningful open ended work. The teachers present small lessons throughout long term projects. These lessons help students build skills and develop a thorough understanding of art materials and processes. Students also learn art history as they grow through our art program; from cave art to modern day artists and the cultural and historical impact artists and movements have had on our society. Students are also encouraged to take the history and skills they have learned to create original art during open studio time. This open studio allows students to use the art room’s materials and space to create completely self driven projects with support from teachers. These self driven projects, as well as assigned lessons, help students develop important skills that aid them in work; both in and out of the classroom.